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All Over Color -  $85^
All Over Color w/ Highlights -  $125^
Partial Highlight -  $85^
Full Head Highlight - $125^
Multi-Color Highlight - $135^
Clear Gloss Shine - $50^

Specialty/Fashion Colors - Price Upon Consultation

Hair Dying

Brazilian  Blowout

Short hair - $190
Mid Length - $260
Long Hair - $330 and up

We offer BRAZILIAN BLOWOUT Brand smoothing treatments!!
This treatment will eliminate 99% of frizz, smooth out unruly hair, even tame cowlicks.
We can keep the curl and bye-bye frizz or make it nearly stick straight Its completely customizable to your exact needs. Lasts approx. 60 shampoos. Wears off as opposed to growing out so no weird roots


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